July 19, 2024
Piano vs keyboard difference

Ebony grand piano player, jazz musician. Negro performer poses at musical instrument before playing

While most experts already realize there is a big difference in Piano and Keyboard, newbies might sometimes get confused or might be unaware of difference in piano and keyboard. If you are trying to learn about the key differences between piano and keyboard you have come to the right page as I will will be explaining just that!

Piano Vs Keyboard – The Major difference – Sound Output

The first and the major difference is how piano and keyboard individually produce sounds. While Piano is an acoustic musical instrument, keyboard is not. What does that mean anyway? In simple terms, the sound output on piano, or any acoustic musical instrument for that matter, can be increased or decreased physically. When it comes to keyboard, users usually set a desired volume and that will dictate the sound output.

That difference alone can make a huge difference in how a piano is heard and how a keyboard is heard by spectator. This is also the reason why playing piano is much more complicated than playing a keyboard.

To make it more simple, all expert piano players can play keyboard perfectly while not all keyboard players can professionally play piano on their first try.

Difference in Number of keys

While an amateur might not pay attention to the number of keys on either Piano or Keyboard but they might have different number of keys. Most regular pianos has 88 keys in general. Keyboard on the other hand can have just as many keys OR less.

Power source

Keyboards are run by some kind of power be it battery or from power source through the electric outlet. Piano on other hand is not run electrically.

Cost, Size and Portability

While cost of both piano and keyboard can have wide range, keyboard are almost always likely to be cheaper than buying a piano depending on the brand, material used and many other factors. Portability is another big difference between piano and keyboard. Keyboard are almost always more portable than pianos.

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